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About Living Well Chiropractic, P.C.

Our Core Values

At Living Well Chiropractic, P.C., we provide expert NUCCA (upper cervical) chiropractic adjustments with the underlying core values of gratitude, expertise, compassion, teamwork and integrity. Everything we do is designed to help our patients achieve the health goals they are striving for.

Our History of Service

Dr. Jeff Leach is hard-wired to serve, and he opened our clinic in 2006 with that goal—to serve the community with the highest level of upper cervical chiropractic care available. The office is right off the interstate to make getting care as convenient as possible. Our determined and health-focused patients are looking to us to help solve long-lasting health problems, or to take their health and wellness to a higher level.

Both Dr. Jeff and Dr. Bre Lambach, who joined our practice in 2019, are skilled listeners who take the time to truly understand your needs and goals. They explain how our approach to care works and how it may be able to help. And if our approach isn’t suitable for your condition (or if additional care beyond NUCCA adjustments is warranted), we will refer you to appropriate providers.
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Celebrating Successes

Oftentimes, patients are surprised to experience improvement in their overall health and wellness. Dr. Jeff cared for a patient recently who was sixty-five years old and retired from Target. She’d had a serious warehouse injury that impaired her function and for years had suffered with pain and mobility issues. She just wanted to be able to pick up her grandchildren.

After her first adjustment, she got up from the table with ease. Then, when she remembered she had forgotten something, she instinctively backed up to retrieve it—and realized she hadn’t been able to move that way in three years!

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Many people are referred to us by friends who had nearly lost hope of ever getting better, but regained their hope and health with us. We offer hope and a different paradigm for care that can impact the entire body through upper cervical adjustments.

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